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About Us

Literacy to the People Since 2020

Book Nation began as a grassroots book-sourcing initiative. Dream was bringing excess books from libraries into areas of Savannah that don't have access to books and quality reading materials. Today, Book nation is leading a movement to empower Savannah communities through literacy development programs and book accessibility.


Our Story

Book Nation was founded by Dream Smith, a Savannah native with a background in early childhood education and pediatric dentistry.  Dream started Book Nation in 2020 to spread her passion for enriching the lives of children.

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Many children and families in Savannah don't have access to the resources that are critical for literacy success.  Dream & Jimmy recognized this inequity in their own community and have been working to bring resources & literacy programs to those without access.

What makes Book Nation's childhood literacy programs different is a family-oriented approach to literacy – literacy is most successful when the child's reading is supported by their family.  That's why our approach focuses on providing literacy tools to parents who want to help empower their children's through reading. 

Meet The Team

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